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Some Trees Grow In Brooklyn

16 Jun

Being from a more lush locale, Brooklyn isn’t exactly the place that I’d think of for pretty greenery and beautiful landscaping.  Once again, I’m proven wrong and I’m cool with it.  BK is home to many gorgeous, accessible community gardens and parks tucked into the most discreet places.  Thanks to Ms. Sugarcuts (and my funky fresh dj…yay!), I bring you this Target-sponsored community garden on Bedford.  Make a visit and let me know what you think!  This would of course be for smaller ceremonies and gatherings.

*Oh if you find yourself in BK this Saturday, check out Ms. Sugarcuts on the ones and twos.


The Garden and The List

9 Jun


When we initially began planning our wedding, Mr. Tresvant* and I happened upon a small and beautiful community garden.  We sat there and soaked it in, took pictures and video clips, and envisioned our intimate garden wedding full of butterflies, chirping birds, trellises and gazebos, sunshine, and oh…say fifty of our closest family and friends.  Even the name of the garden was inspiring- the Garden of Hope was *the* spot for us!  Shortly after that we began composing our lists of special guests and we *EACH* had over fifty and counting.  Goodbye small wedding, hello big family affair!   I don’t even know what we were thinking because only one orbit out of our immediate families was definitely over fifty.  If you are in Brooklyn though, our dreamy-haze wedding can be yours.  The site fee is only $45.  Think about it.  If you do it, please send me a picture to drool over.  

Don’t fret for us though because we will have our garden wedding and 100 (and counting?) of our closest friends and family to celebrate with us.   The only problem is that my list alone has over 100 people on it.  This has got to be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding.  Every day I look at this list and beat myself up thinking about who can come, who I should invite, who would be upset with me, who should get to bring a date, and it’s driving me crazy! 

Let me also add that my very excited sister is throwing me a bridal shower and needs to send out invites soon but I cannot give her names yet.  If you’re invited to the shower, you have to be invited to the wedding and right now, I can’t even say who is invited.  Oh gosh, this post is taking a tone that I don’t want it to take but this really is something that’s weighing heavily on my mind right now and this blog is my dumping ground. 

This isn’t the greatest first post…lol…I could definitely use some advice though.  How did you tackle your list?

*That’s my boo’s new blog name…ya like it?  We can stand the rain, he’s got sensitivity, he’s a stone cold gentleman with rizz wa faire, we’re lost in love planning our once in a lifetime groove and it’s going down!  FYI, I’m mad corny…get used to this if you plan on sticking around.