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Welcome To The Terrordome

2 Sep

Ladies and ladies, let me introduce you to my theme music-  Feel the drums, hear the sirens, feel the urgency…pure crazy, frantic, frenetic fire!  That’s some music to crush opinions buildings with!  Those glossy magazines can really kiss my grits…this is insane.  Hopefully in about two more weeks I can get back to myself and start seeing butterflies and daisies and rainbows but right now…ugh.  I just got off a phone call with an overly-concerned party and her opinions and I cut her off before she could finish any sentence I didn’t want to hear with “this is my wedding, when you get married you can do whatever you want to do.”  I don’t like being like this at all. 

Okay, some positivity.  More ETSY Love!  I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to do with all the goodies I just got but one I can definitely tell you how it’s going down.  When the portrait time is done, the veil (when I find one…LOL) is coming off and I’m going to party.  Peep my party flower!  It’s a cute lil felt and tulle, feather, and pearl-enhanced hair clip and we’re gonna have a good time!   The seller Bedbuggs is super quick so you might wanna check her page.  She also has ring pillows, tutus, and other cute goodies.


Project FAIL!

5 Aug

Ah so, yesterday I went on a little field trip to Michaels.  I was looking for items to jazz up my invitations a bit with belly bands and maybe some other frill.  How about it turned into a two hour deliberation fest!   I went down every single aisle at least twice.  I walk a fine line between classic and kitsch and yesterday I’m very sure I nearly crossed over to kitsch.  After being talked away from extra bright floral paper for belly bands by Tresvant, I ended up with some nice 65lb weight paper in a hot pink that matched the accents on our invite.  Then I went a lil cuckoo and just had to buy a decorative punch because I obviously think I have way more time than I do to get these invites out…lol!  Here’s my cart at Michaels though.  Notice the flower…guess who decided to make herself a lil frill for her hair?!  I also picked up a great mason jar because I’m about to go mason jar crazy on my reception tables. 

Anyway, today I spent my lunch break cutting up my belly bands and punching out some frill.  I’m so super excited about how great this is all going to looked and maybe a little too self-satisfied. 

Take a look at my test run.  Isn’t this beautiful from the front?  Well take a look at the back?  FAIL!   I can’t even be mad…looks like I’m either going to just belly band the RSVP card/envelope or scrap this whole retarded project.  LALALALALALA.  It’s less than 60 days til my wedding yall!  :0(

Let’s end on a positive note though…here’s my easy peasy possible hair flower.  All I did was pick a frilly flower that I liked, take it apart and glue it back together without using the filler so it’d be flat.  I added a some beading I already had at home (most likely will make it more ornate) and then glued it to the comb.  The glue that I used wasn’t the best, I’m going to have to reglue the comb but again…positivity…here’s my hair flower (maybe).   I know I can’t be the only one to have Project FAILs all over the place…I hope. 

Still UN-Veiled

29 Jul

Yup, still veil searching and almost desperate enough to make my own.  Okay, I’m kidding because I really don’t feel like it.  But I am in love with this Sara Gabriel Drew veil .  It most likely can’t work with my dress and it looks very expensive?  Y’all should check her out though.  Do you have your veil already?  Am I the only one having a hard time narrowing it down?

Bling Bling!

10 Jun

So I’m about to order my dress and to get the free shipping, I’m told that I need to spend about $41.20 more.  Isn’t that about a……anyway, help me pick some wedding jewelry please.  My dress is very *PLAIN* according to a few people.  According to me- it’s very classic, very sleek, and very me which is what matters.  I’m into dressing along the lines of JCrew and Calvin Klein and that won’t change much on my wedding day.  So let’s use the JCrew Silk Tricotine Anouk Gown ($695) above as the dress to use in this example.  Let’s mix and match me some jewelry, please!

A. NORDSTROM Lydell NYC Crystal Flower Drop Earrings
B. NORDSTROM Stein & Blye Triangle Stone Earrings
C. LORD & TAYLOR Textured Link Drop Earrings (I had to throw these in and don’t forget the 25% off sale!)
D. NORDSTROM Lydell NYC Multi Flower Cuff in Blush
E. NORDSTROM Sequin Metallic Multi Row Cuff
F. NORDSTROM Lydell NYC Multi Flower Cuff in Ivory

Now if I really had my way, I’d get these ones below…A, maybe B, and about four of C!  I must behave though.  I’m really wanna say eff it and get this bag but I’mma go ahead and put on my big girl pants and chill.

A. NORDSTROM Sequin Hinged Enamel Bangle
B. NORDSTROM Kate Spade ‘All Wrapped Up’ Bangle
C.  NORDSTROM Nadri Crystal Stud Bangle